Friday, November 30, 2012

Beautiful, fun braid!

At my salon we had a wedding party come in. This was one of my favorite hair styles I did that day. If you already know how to french braid that will be so simple!! It's one of those styles that you can wear in a wedding or with a cute pair of jeans and top. I love this one!!

1. Start with the hair dry with some products in it, any product that you like that will "dirty" the hair up.
Put the hair in hot rollers to give it some texture, once the hair is cooled in the rollers remove them.

2. Then determine what side you want the sloppy curls falling down on,( in this picture you can see the curls falling on the left side I section the hair off at the left ear and clipped it forward)
3. Start a french braid on the opposite side of the head.(in this picture it's right side) braid around the head along the bottom hair line, continue all the way around to the other side, stop picking up hair and adding it to the braid right behind the left ear.

4. Continue with a regular braid to the end of the hair, securing with a band. This is where you will go back and started pulling on the braid to loosen it and give it a soft look.

5. Take the long regular braid and rolled it up, tucked it inside (underneath the french braid) use bobby pins to secure it.

6. Take the curls that were pushed forward (on the left side) and loosely pinned them up to cover where the braid was tucked inside. the looser the better it creates a soft look.
this is the front view!! Thank you so much Alyssa for the pictures!

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