Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to wear for professional pictures, and make up tips.

We had our engagement pictures taken in May this year and our pictures turned out amazing. Mostly because our photographer is the best, she is a creative genius!  and the other part was knowing what to wear and how to apply make up that shows up in pictures and doesn't wash you out!
1. Choose clothing that is comfortable, we were laying in a ditch at one point.
2. Match each other but not to matchy matchy. Notice we wore neutrals, our coats were both brown, but Not the same exact brown.
3. Wear clothing that is timeless, don't wear the latest trends... Trends go out of style leaving your pictures looking dated in no time.
4. When applying make up wear more then you normally would. I had my eyes lined thicker and darker then I would normally do, wearing black eyeliner really makes eyes pop, in photos.
5. Contour under your cheek bones 2 shades darker then you're foundation, and apply blush to the apples of your checks, so your face doesn't get washed out.
6. Use a liquid foundation, then set it with a powder one.
Tip: If your guy isn't into getting his pictures taken, before you leave home have him drink a beer... Not a whole case just one to take the edge off. This really works!! Our scheduled 45 minute session turned into 2 hours because we were all having so much fun!!
Another Tip: Find a photographer who has the same style you do, talk to them look at there work. Just like anything you have to like there work and personality, to get the best results!! Remember to smile pretty and have fun.
Take a look at a few of our pictures, I hope this helped!

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