Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goodbye 2012!!

It's hard to beleive that 2012 is almost OVER!!! This actually makes me incredibly sad, I can honestly say that 2012 has been the best year of my life!!! After almost 9 years Brad and I got married this year, he got a new awesome job, and my business has been booming!! 2013 has a lot to live up to!!!

I decided to put together some of the milestones that have happened this year.

January 7th, 2012: I decided to become strictly vegan, no animal or animal products for me!!

January 14th, 2012: Brad and I decided it was time to change my last name to match his, yup we got engaged!!!! 

We decided it was going to be small and intimate. Our parents were to be out only guest, I asked my cousin Ashley to be my Matron-of-honor and Brad asked our mutual friend John to be his best man {John is the one who set me and Brad up so it only seemed appropriate to ask him} Plus I had been Ashley's maid-of-honor last October and Brad had been John's Best man a few years earlier. We asked my wonderful friend Mindy if she would get ordained and perform our ceremony. Mindy agreed to do this for us!! 

January 16th, 2012: was a HUGE day, Brad started his new job, and I picked out my wedding dress!!!

Wedding dress shopping on a whim... let me tell you DON'T do it!!! I was shopping that day with my friend Mindy and decided to go in and look at a dress that I had seen online. The store didn't have the dress I was looking for. I told the girl that I was having a beach wedding, I didn't want a ball gown, I wanted something more soft, she did great, bringing dresses that fit the description I was giving her, plus it was a lot of fun trying them on.   I almost felt rushed though, like I had to choose one of the dresses that she brought in for me to try. My advice to you on this would be to have your consultant throw in a curve ball, something unlike the rest of the dresses you are trying on, you will never know what else is out there unless you try them on. I was overwhelmed and over excited!! I ended up saying "Yes to the dress!" I was so excited!!! {{for those of you who have seen my wedding pictures know that I didn't keep this dress, keep reading to see when I bought a new one!}}

January 22nd, 2012:   Mindy, Ashley and I went to pick out there dresses!!!

When we went to the bridal store I didn't have spicific color or style to a dress I just wanted them to be comfortable when they found this dress they both loved it and the brown color was going to work perfectly!

January 28th 2012: It became "Facebook official" We were ENGAGED, wedding date set for 
June 23rd, 2012! 

March 18th, 2012: I got my new dress!

Well after having my dress for about a month I then realized i didn't love it!! The company that I got my dress from sent me e-mails and I found another dress that I felt like I need to try on, it was totally different then my dress but something inside of me kept telling me I had the wrong dress. I made an appointment to go try it on, this time my mom went with me and I felt like I knew what to expect this time around. I liked the dress so much better then mine, but it was so heavy, that I knew there was no way I could wear it on a beach in the summer I would roast in it!!! I loved the silhouette of this dress though. Amanda my consultant brought me in a dress that I hadn't even looked twice at and at first glance I hated it. The silhouette was closer to the one that I loved but the material was more like my original dress, soft and light. When I tried this one on I LOVED it!! I knew it was the one!! {{much better, right?}}

May 6th, 2012: My wedding shower

Thanks to my mom, Mindy, and Ashley I was able to have to have an amazing shower. We did a totally 80's theme! We had a blast! I made at least 50 tissue paper pom pons, and hung them from the ceiling. I went to the local flower shop and rented the big green and pink tulle that I pinned up on the walls and I used all florescent colored table cloths, plates, and napkins. I made a build your own fruit pizza bar, and vegan cupcakes, along with plenty of other foods, and drinks! While listening to 80's music!!  My favorite part was the outfits! Everyone came dressed in there totally 80's outfits!! Mindy and I went to the thrift shop to find out outfits!! Mine was Madonna inspired, and Mindy's was an amazingly awful 80's bridesmaid dress                                                            

May 9th, 2012: Engagement pictures!! 

This was probably my favorite thing to do, our 45 minute session turned into 2 hours because we were all having so much fun!!! 

June 2nd, 2012:  
First bachelorette party, oh my, lets just say I'm not much of a drinker, it took more time getting pretty and pumped up for the evening then we were actually out!! Lol ***viewer discretion is advised, crazy girls ahead!!***

And done, I was home in bed by midnight!!

June 8th, 9th, and 10th 2012: Bachelorette party #2 
Mindy and I head up to Traverse City to go on a wine tour!


July 14th, 2012: My mom gets married! I get to be her Matron-of-honor, and Mindy is doing her ceremony too!

July 28th 2012: My reception
Since our wedding was a private ceremony we decided to have a reception for all of our friends and family to join in the celebration with us.

September 14th 2012: Brad and I take a vacation to Traverse City

September 29th 2012: Mom and Barry's reception

October 30th 2012: Halloween time!!! 
first outfits.... Troll dolls, Mindy and I made these outfits from, tupperware bowls, spanks and paper weight gems. Oh and the hair yeah that's all ours!!! Lots of backcombing and hair spray!!!

next outfit.... Mad Hatter and queen of hearts!

Last but not least we had a totally 80's murder mystery dinner

November 10th, 2012: I ran my first 5k, with Brad!!

December 24th 2012: Merry Christmas!! 
Time to make memories with family and friends!

2012 sure has been a busy one, but it's sure to go down as one of my favorites!! I hope you all had an amazing year as well!! Goodbye to 2012..... Hello and welcome 2013!!

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