Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In September I was playing around on Pinterest when I found a post saying things to do with your spouse. One of the things on the list was run a 5K together. As a joke I asked Brad if he wanted to run a 5K with me. Knowing his answer would be NO!! ~~You see I have never ran... nope not me, if you were to see me running you would probably want to run too because the only reason I would be running is because something awful was chasing me... Brad on the other hand plays basketball on men's leagues year round, he was also in the Army 4 years active 4 years inactive.~~ I was right his answer was NO!!! A few minutes later he looked at me and said, "if you want to run a 5K we can" I laughed and told him No really I was just joking. A few days later Brad had come home with a new pair of running shoes. Yup we were doing this!!! 

So my training began... I downloaded the Couch-2-5k app on my phone it's a 9 week routine. So I got a membership at the gym, and began running. It's funny some people say they get the desire to run, they become addicted, that never happened to me. LOL!!! I had to drag my hind end into the gym every day.

I found a run that was close to our town and signed us up. Since it's cold here in Michigan on November 10th I had to get some cute new running clothes, and that I did! Hey a girls got to look cute while gasping for her breath!! 

5 short weeks later Brad and I were ready for the race, lets just say it was awful!!! I hated every minute of it, that is until I was done. Then the adrenaline hit I have to admit I actually enjoyed it!! I didn't finish last but I also didn't finish first I was right in the middle, I'm good with that. The best part about this was that Brad and I did it together!! Brad stayed with me the whole time, the whole way encouraging me telling me how great I was doing!! 

When I seen run a 5k on the list of things to do with your spouse I though it was silly, but it was an amazing thing to do together, I would recommend it to any couple who want to try something new together. Something that pushes you to support the other!! 

So will we be running any other races together.... the answer is YES!!! In April I plan on running a 10K with Brad, he doesn't know that yet LOL!!! I am still using the app on my phone it's an awesome app that slowly builds up your stamina. Another plus is that my body has not looked this amazing in years!!! The dimples that I had on my legs... gone!!!  Now who would like that!! 

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