Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Revelation

Okay so, you know when something hits you like a ton of bricks out of the blue? Well this happened to me the other day....

          I know a lady is not supposed to tell her age, but I not ashamed to tell mine!!! I am 31 people are always shocked to hear that I am not in my mid 20's. I try to take good care of myself, I run, eat well (I'm a vegan) I don't smoke or drink (very much), and since I am a hair stylist I try to keep up on the latest trends with hair, make-up, and clothing.  My point I don't feel like I'm 31!! 

       My friend Mindy and I were shopping for clothes (this is one of my favorite pass times). We were in a department store in the juniors section where I usually shop but nothing was cute to me! Everything was UGLY!! Then it hit me... I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at Mindy and said.... "Oh my goodness, this is what happened to our moms!"   She was confused at first then it hit her!!! Our moms  didn't wear "Cool clothes" because the "Cool clothes" were UGLY, not because they had bad taste!!!  We laughed for a bit as the realization that we were growing older hit us full force!!

        My next realization hit me even harder...... The other week People Magazine put out the Sexiest man alive issue... I tip my hat to Mr. Tatum Channing... I was browsing through the magazine admiring all the attractive men when I stumbled upon, Sexy at Every Age.  When BAM it hit me again!!! The first man I found really attractive was Ian Somerhalder AGE 33!!! Yup that's right age 20-32 I didn't even really notice, they looked so young to me. I found myself looking at men ages 33-49!! 

Take a look and see what you think!! 

     See what I mean about Ian Somerhalder!! So HOT!!! 

          Then the other night I was getting ready for bed I was wearing my leggings and tank top, while brushing my teeth I looked in the mirror... holy crap... my hips had gotten visibly wider... I had been noticing my pants fitting tighter, but the strange thing was that I hadn't gained any weight. Yup my hips had been hurting the last 4 months or so because they were spreading!!!

          I told my husband about all of these revelations I had, within the last 3 months, he laughed saying that it was funny that I noticed these things. I was a little bummed at first, realizing I was not the young chick I used to be. Then I realized I am happier at age 31 then I ever was in my 20's. I had to call my mom and tell her about my revelations, she laughed especially at the part about the clothing.  

           The last 31 years have been amazing I can't wait to see what the next 31 bring!!! 

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