Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long journey home!!!

I am so excited that I had to share with you all!!!

Two years ago in 2011 we had a little female kitty that showed up at our house,

we live on a farm so kitties showing up is not a rare thing. Needless to say she had a litter of kittens, 5 of the most adorable little kittens you have ever seen in your life!!!

I fell head over heals over them.

They were my babies, needless to say I had to find homes for them.... I would only give them to amazing homes, one to my mom, one to my dear friend Mindy and two of the boys I kept for my farm, the last little one I had to bring into my home because she needed a surgery! Fast forward one year to June 2012, one of the males I kept for my farm Jason, went missing, I feared the worst.

Last Friday, January 18th, 2013 almost 7 months after Jason first went missing, I got out of work early. I turned down my road and I saw my baby Jason running down the side of my road towards my house. I pulled into the end of my drive way and ran 1/4 mile down the road calling to him, he ran up to me I scooped him up and took him home. I couldn't beleive my baby made it back home!!! He was exhausted, he was dehydrated and very skinny, his eyes were red from the trauma due to exhaustion. We started him on antibiotics, and he slept for 2 straight days, I was so happy he made it home.

I am happy to report that Jason is doing very well his one eye is completely healed and the other is doing much better!! I wish I could find out where he has been, and hear all about his journey home. I am so over joyed that I have my baby back!!! I would love to hear about your amazing animal stories!! Please share them in the comments section!!!

I will keep you all posted on Jason and how he is doing!!

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